Wild Water Racing is an enduring and challenging discipline combining the speed of flat water racing with the ability to read fast moving water. Races can generally last between 20 to 30 minutes; however the Rapid Sprint races can be short as a few minutes.


The Wild Water Technical Committee for 2010 have scheduled a series of (5) races beginning with an opening race on flat water and ending with the annual Wild Racing State Championships held at Bridgetown on the 21st and 22nd August 2010.


The main aim of this type of racing is to race your boat as fast as you can down a stretch of white water rapids. You race against the clock and generally competitors start at minute intervals to avoid overtaking other competitors during the race. This is an exciting challenge - it's up to you to pick the correct line down the rapid and pace yourself through the course to achieve the shortest possible speed.


Today we welcome you to our sport, whether you are a seasoned paddler or a weekend downriver racer. We hope you will visit this site to learn more about the discipline and perhaps begin to join some of our races.


Thanks for browsing and we'll see you at the races.


Leonie Cockman

Wild Water Technical Committee - Chair